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The Organic Natural Shop

Health through nutrition. Vitamins, skin care, CBD, and healthy foods.

Rowley, MA

We are located at 174 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley MA. Our goal is simple: Support the North Shore area with vitamins, health foods, great knowledge of the industry, and better prices!

We Care About You!

Our employee's are always ready to help you with your needs as much as we can, and we always have hot water ready to be served with tea!

Want to learn more about nutrition?

We offer a 30 minute session, giving you a run down on the basics of nutrition, while showing you around our store (around 1000 products) and giving you advice on what may be best for your needs.

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Stop by our store to take a look at the newly added Pine Needle Extract Blend from Harmonic Concepts!

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